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for trade between Greece and the Benelux

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Odyssee trade

Your partner for trade between Greece and the Benelux

Odyssee trade is a Dutch company which imports products from Greece to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, specialized in objects made of olive wood for wholesale and olive oil.

But we are not limited to only olive products! If you are interested in exporting your product from Greece or want to import Greek products to the Benelux don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange transportation and handle your logistics, even find customers.

The olive tree (Olea europaea) spread to the Mediterranean area, including Greece, 6,000 years ago coming from Asia Minor and Iran and soon was domesticated. Since then this short and whimsical tree has become an important economical force in the area, not only providing olives and olive oil for food and medicine but also for trade.

It is one the oldest known trees that has been domesticated and is long-lived, the oldest with a confirmed age of 1,600 years and still bearing fruit. Since an olive tree is only chopped when it doesn’t bear any fruit anymore, the wood of the tree can surely be considered as very sustainable and large pieces of wood are relatively rare. Every year some branches can be pruned since olives do not grow twice on the same branch.

After a fruitfull economical life the wood of the olive tree can be turned into beautiful objects like kitchen utensils or decoration. Since the tree grows not very tall it is difficult to obtain large pieces of the wood but due to its erratic and beautiful structure  every object is unique and can be easily maintained. And though the polished wood feels very soft it is quite hard and lasts for a lifetime.

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