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Odyssee import is a wholesale company based in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands and imports products from Greece (especially items made of olive wood and olive oils) into Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Founder and owner is Teije Westerhof who worked his own ICT company for 27 years but wanted to make a contribution to a more sustainable world, combining this with his love for Greece and olive trees in particular.

Since olive wood is not only one of the most sustainable types of wood in the world but also beautiful and luxurious we want to offer object made of olive wood to the markets in Western Europe where there are no native olive trees. Due to its erratic growth and texture every piece of olive wood is unique and, while easy to work and maintain, products of olive wood last for a lifetime.

But we are not limited to olive related products and Odyssee (Dutch for odyssey or οδύσσεια) is always looking for new partners, so contact us if you are interested in buying or selling.

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