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Olive wood products

Odyssee trade specializes in the export of olive wood products from Greece to the Benelux.

Olive wood products are made from pruned branches or ancient trees that no longer bear fruit. This means the wood can be considered as extremely sustainable and we are working on obtaining a FSC .trademark.

The trees do not grow very big, so that mainly small objects are made of them. When just sawn, olive wood is light yellow with brown stripes and then turns darker. Due to the erratic growth and dark veins, each product has a unique drawing.

Despite the hardness, the wood is easy to work and can be beautifully polished into luxurious utensils or decorative souvenirs. Thanks to the hardness of the material that is easy to maintain (with olive oil!), processed olive wood lasts for life.
Most objects of olive wood are made in workshops in the countries of origin and are mainly sold on the local market.

In Western Europe there is increasing demand for sustainable luxury goods and olive wood lends itself perfectly for this. Odyssee trade aims to introduce the market in the Benelux to these unique products.

Kitchen utensils
Olive wood is strong and easy to clean by rinsing it with lukewarm water or lightly rubbing it with olive oil. Well-known examples are the lettuce spoons and chopping boards, but there are much more kitchen tools froom olive wood available such as cutlery, bowls, plates and cups.

Bowl of olive woodGravy spoon of olive wood

Utensils and decoration

In addition to kitchen utensils, olive wood is also suitable for making small utensils such as coasters, wine holders, side tables or clocks.






If you are interested in selling these products in the Benelux please contact us so we can show you our samples and the possibilities to supply you.



If you are creating these products in Greece and are interested in exporting them to the Benelux in wholesale quantities please contact us as well, since we are always looking for new products and objects.

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